Why Sam Was Created

We have spent 17 years as full time, in house corporate software and technology system experts and know how implementation really works from the inside of a large organisation. Every single day, our work has been connecting organisations to the right software vendors. This in turn made us realise how much that NFP’s need a system that can help them “Find The Right Software” which is why we created SAM4NFP’s – Software Analysis Matrix for Not For Profits.

How it works?

Invest in SAM – the Software Analysis Matrix – a platform designed to facilitate greater access to your target market in a cost effective and more efficient way than traditional sales channels. SAM was created to fill an important gap in the market – the need for a platform that enables NFP’s to quickly and easily find the ‘right’ software to meet their business requirements.

Orchard Consulting Group knows the complex needs of Not for Profit organisations and has spent years building requirement documents from scratch. We have now automated this process by building these into SAM so our NFP clients don’t have to do this thinking. Once the requirement questions have been answered, SAM will look through the list of Vendors and match the ‘right’ software to the organisation.

From the Software Vendors side, it will put an end to cold calls, mailed postcards and conference booths. It will build connections, influence…and of course, generate more qualified leads in an easier way. Software will be marketed to Not for Profit organisations that are genuinely looking to invest in systems to improve the structure and organisation of their company. It will give a customised, clear demonstration of the software and the benefits of using it.