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Here’s exactly what you get with your SAM preorder

The exact best practices and tools you need for a sales presentation that works. Attract qualified decision makers faster. And secure their interest + confidence in you as a partner.

A proven system that has created over $3 million in sales connections to date. SAM helps you create great relationships with new prospects that lead to contracts. All of the legwork is removed to connect you with an additional stream of interested clients.

A 100% automated presentation and demonstration assistant. After initial setup, SAM handles everything. You will be presented to pre approved clients. SAM takes you from where you are now to more ACCEPTED and CONFIRMED proposals.

$599 for 12 months 18 months of SAM 

That’s less than $35 per month for pre ordering with us before our public launch.
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Enroll in the SAM pre launch now and these exclusive bonuses:


BONUS Special Report: The Top 10 Client Objections To Making A Software Investment (…and How To Effectively Overcome Them With Integrity).


I’ll reveal exactly step by step how I’ve facilitated over $3 million in enterprise sales AND how I move my clients from proposal to contract in under 90 days sold by abandoning the traditional pitch model. Every strategy I use is yours, and I explain everything about several deals in extreme detail.


BONUS Interview – How to win the confidence of a 7 figure buyer, EVERY TIME.


I’ll show you more than 11 different FREE ways to instantly create more credibility for your solution … that won’t cost you a penny to implement.


BONUS – Winning Software Presentation Template (for the rest of your team to use while SAM works for you).


When you purchase your subscription to SAM right now, you also get instant access to our Software Enterprise Lead Generation community on LinkedIn.

If you want to create more pre qualified enterprise sales leads in less time, keep more of your commission in your own pocket, and get your software sold with less hassle and a lot more control over your future than by leaving it to a database, sign up right now to get started.

It is my honour to support your success. Let’s make this happen.

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